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Planning, specialization, and management make us leaders in the Labor Law Practice.

Our broad experience and developed skills in all the Business Law areas allow us to deliver our clients a full range of LABOR LAW ADVICE, both in the ordinary course of business and in insolvency situations.

Advice and implementation of administrative proceedings for reducing the labor force (“expedientes de regulación de empleo”), whether for terminating labor agreements, as part of operations restructuring processes integrated in insolvency proceedings, as well as proceedings aimed at suspending the effects of labor agreements due to temporary or interim reasons.

Proceedings for termination of labor agreements for cause, in accordance with the thresholds set by the Law for this type of limited restructuring schemes.

Collective bargaining proceedings, both for conventions and for conflicts resolution.

Advice in all types of disputes and proceedings before labor courts.

Legal audits as part of mergers and acquisitions transactions (labor due diligence)

Area Labor LawTeam in chargeClients

Trusting Abencys is trusting people, values and experience. A committed, skilled and highly specialized team.

We have negotiated collective bargaining conventions for industries in the metalworks area as well as labor court proceedings (ERES, ERTES and general litigation) in the food and beverage, construction, healthcare and life sciences and retail sectors.