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Planning, specialization, and management make us leaders in the Labor Law Practice.

Our broad experience and developed skills in all the Business Law areas allow us to deliver our clients a full range of LABOR LAW ADVICE, both in the ordinary course of business and in insolvency situations.

Specialized counselling in legal law matters for companies.

Workforce restructuring processes, both in solvency and insolvency environments.

Collective labor proceedings of all natures: collective dismissals, suspension of contracts, employees’ mobility proceedings.

Collective bargaining proceedings, both for conventions and for conflicts resolution.

Advice in procedural issues related to all kinds of litigation proceedings before the social jurisdiction.

Reviews in the framework of corporate transactions (labor due diligence reports).

Termination of labor agreements following disciplinary dismissal.

Resolution of individual labor law disputes.

Negotiation and drafting of complex labor agreements.

Advice to employees in collective proceedings, temporary reduction or suspension of working hours (ERES and ERTES).

Advice on Labor Accidents and Occupational Health and Safety.

Area Labor LawTeam in chargeClients

Trusting Abencys is trusting people, values and experience. A committed, skilled and highly specialized team.

We are experts in collective bargaining; as such we have negotiated collective bargaining agreements in metal industries sector, as well as collective labor proceedings (ERES, ERTES and Litigation) in the Food, Construction, Health and Retail industries.