Carlos Ramírez

Ramírez Ovelar


Work experience

July 2020 to date: he is a part of the Abencys Reestructuraciones team; he provides advice to large companies, both domestic and international, in different areas. He focuses particularly in insolvency and corporate and busines restructuring processes, as well as in commercial and corporate advice.

He specializes in administrative law, labor, insolvency and litigation areas and provides advice both to solvent and insolvent companies.

MGO BY WESTFIELD, S.L. (formerly GRUPO MGO, S.A.) since July 2001 he worked as a Legal Advisor.

Corporate law: Analysis and drafting of internal legal reports to the Area Management

Advice and legal assistance, management, monitoring and follow-up of legal queries.

Management of administrative appeals and court remedies. Attend court hearings and trials before both contentious-administrative and civil courts.

Legal assistance to defendant in criminal proceedings, drafting of remedies in criminal proceeding. Attendance to criminal trials and hearings.

Negotiation and representation of companies in labor court proceedings.

Education and Qualifications

Law degree. Madrid Complutense University (2001)

Seminar on European Union Law. International law department, Jean Monnet Chair. Madrid Complutense University. 50 class hours.

Seminar “Employer’s liabilities in case of work-related accidents.. Sagardoy Foundation”

Senior Technician in Occupational Risk Prevention (Specialized in Labor Safety). Cifesal, Center for Research and Companies’ Training, S.A.L

Senior Technician in Occupational Risk Prevention (Specialized in Ergonomics and Applied Psycho-sociology). Sanroman Advisors and Training

Senior Technician in Occupational Risk Prevention (Specialized in Industrial Hygiene). Sanroman Advisors and Training