Teresa Ezquerra

Ezquerra Pérez


Work experience

Commercial and company law: Legal secretary of commercial companies and associations; incorporation and wind-up of companies; Shareholders’ and other corporate agreements, challenging of corporate resolutions. Commercial contracting.

Restructuring area: Commercial restructuring of companies from the economic and labor perspective, focused in insolvency law; insolvency trustee, filing of insolvency applications, insolvency interim proceedings, liability arising from insolvency proceedings, wind-up of companies, creditors’ arrangement schemes, disclosure and notice of credit rights, employment regulation schemes in the frame of insolvency proceedings.

Labor area: Labor law: preparation and broad experience in hearings before the labor courts in proceedings of very different nature, pre-trial settlement, collective and individual dismissal, Labor Regulation Schemes, Collective Bargaining, Re-location proceedings, disciplinary proceedings.

Civil and Commercial law Litigation: Payment orders (“procedimientos monitorios”), enforcement of bills of Exchange, ordinary and petty amount proceedings; indemnification for damages, commercial agreements, directors’ liability, challenging of corporate resolutions, etc

Education and Qualifications

Law degree obtained at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid

LLM master course on legal advice to companies obtained at the Instituto de Empresa.

Master degree in Human Resources and Labor-oriented Corporate Management obtained at Uned Law School.