Area of Maritime law Team in charge
Abencys área de derecho marítimo

A specialized legal support for the Maritime Sector

We offer an integral legal service for the maritime sector. Disputes resolution, restructuring and intervention as court-appointed Insolvency Holders for companies operating in this sector.

The current economic, social, and business environment, together with the inherent complexity and specialization of the maritime sector require that all the involved companies and entities related to the naval area, transportation of goods and insurance thereof can rely on a highly specialized legal assistance, both in the Spanish territory and in cross-border matters.

Abencys integrates Daniel Bosch (LLM Southampton) in his team, as of counsel. He is a renowned professional who specializes in Maritime Law and Insurance matters, International Trade, and Insolvency Law. This allows us to provide advice to the companies operating in this sector in matters that involve issues of a mixed maritime and insolvency nature.

Abencys provides a full range of legal services in the maritime sector, in matters related to maritime transportation, negotiation of agreements, matters related to harbor operation and regulation, in the insurance and reinsurance field, civil liability, international trade and disputes resolution arising from any of these matters, whether conducted in the form of mediation, arbitration or court proceedings, so as to meet the needs of all the companies involved in the maritime transportation companies as well as their insurance instruments – shipowners, charterers, interest over vessel load, shipyard, longshoremen and harbor operators, etc.

Daniel Bosch is a renowned and experienced attorney both in Spain and abroad and has thorough knowledge in the different areas practice that he specializes in, gained in over 20 years of practice in the maritime sector.

In case of court intervention of maritime companies, we engage as Court-appointed administrators or supervisors, supported by numerous court appointments and a deep knowledge of the maritime industry and business.

Summary of our services offer:

Vessel building, repair, purchase, import and export agreements, vessel financing and tonnage tax.

Vessel flagging and registration (Ordinary and REBECA). We act as permanent representatives of the maritime companies in the Canary Islands.

Sanctioning proceedings. Port State Control.

Collision, salvage and maritime assistance, general average (“avería simple y gruesa”).

Sea pollution, seizure, and release of vessels.

Operational agreements related to vessels (lease, charter for time and trip, hybrid contracts), bills of lading, pilotage, and towage.

Harbour operations, consignment, agency, and insurance agreements (load and hull and machinery).

Court administration and intervention of maritime companies (and/or vessels).

Intervention as independent experts.

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Area of Maritime law Team in charge

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