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Abencys área de Reestructuraciones e Insolvencia

Abencys offers comprehensive counselling, supported by a sound domestic experience, and focused in solving complex business issues for both domestic and international clients who operate in Spain.

We advise domestic and international companies, financial institutions, investment banking companies and other financial services providers.

We, the professionals who make up Abencys, Abogados y Economistas, take part in insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings before courts of justice located all over Spain, upon assignment and nomination by both the competent bodies and the preeminent financial creditors.

We in Abencys have broad experience in providing advice and assistance for the implementation of restructuring processes in cross-border insolvencies, governed by Uncitral law and the European Insolvency Regulations.

We are specialists in designing the strategy and steering the implementation of processes aimed at insolvency restructuring subsequent to merger and acquisition transactions that follow business concentration processes, as well as cost reduction schemes integrated in de-location processes.

We advise both sellers and purchasers in the process of acquiring companies and assets affected by ongoing insolvency proceedings (“concursos de acreedores”).

We take part, along with our clients, in the process of negotiation and the making of agreements in refinancing processes, whether under article 5 bis of the Spanish Insolvency Act (“Ley Concursal”) or otherwise. We provide advice to creditors involved in insolvency proceedings, in order to assist them in recovering their receivables, as well as in order to seek individual enforcement of titles. We act as brokers and advisors in transactions related to insolvency receivables and credit rights. We act as independent experts in refinancing and mediation processes developed in the framework of insolvency situations.

We have an INTEGRAL BUSINESS ADVICE service that merges our knowledge about restructuring and refinancing, labor and re-organization law advice, coordinating the work of lawyers and economists. This service is particularly relevant in the difficult situation that we are going through. COVID has brought severe difficulties that can be overcome with the assistance and the advice of expert counselors.

We also render counseling services and participate in restructuring processes involving shipping companies and the MARITIME SECTOR.

Trusting Abencys is trusting people, values and experience. A committed, skilled and highly specialized team.

We have taken part in insolvency proceedings involving companies in numerous sectors, such as real estate, construction, food and beverage, energy and leisure and entertainment.

We have steered one of the most relevant insolvency proceedings of our country, with aggregate assets in excess of € 614 million and liabilities above € 2.437 million, involving over 200.000 creditors and companies quoted in US stock markets.

Abencys as well as its attorneys and economists have been appointed insolvency holders in over one hundred insolvency proceedings.

We are experts in providing advice to financial institutions in their positions as creditors in insolvency proceedings.

We have carried out relevant Operating Restructuring Schemes in sectors such as air companies, health & pharmaceutical, food and beverage and industrial, both for solvent and insolvent companies. The last one among these is a notorious restructuring process implemented for an Extremadura company that allowed avoiding the loss of many employments and the maintenance of an economic network that was essential for the region.