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Abencys área mercantil

Abencys delivers experience, dynamism, and great resources. This has allowed us to manage major projects of all kinds.

We advise companies on their day-to-day operations in the commercial law area on a steady basis by acting as secretary of the board of directors, and in some cases intervening as proprietary directors and liquidators.

We take part in merger and acquisition transactions, takeovers and any and all issues related to contract and commercial law, as well as in review duties (due diligence).

We advise in connection with the incorporation of companies, by providing draft by-laws and assist in the formation of the corporate administration bodies.

We draft and negotiate family protocols and shareholders’ agreements, both integrated in the by-laws and separated therefrom.

Area of Commercial lawTeam in chargeClients

Trusting Abencys is trusting people, values and experience. A committed, skilled and highly specialized team.

We have advised U.S. investment funds in the insolvency proceeding filed by Spain’s largest company in the fisheries sector.

We have advised in the process of acquisition of companies operating in numerous areas of business.

We have provided commercial advice to international construction and toy manufacturing companies for the acquisition of assets in the framework of insolvency processes.

We also offer business advice in all its branches on an ongoing basis to a large number of companies.