Cliff Wagner


Senior Advisor

Cliff Wagner is a Senior Associate at Abencys. Cliff is the founder of Arion Capital, bringing almost two decades of credit investing experience across Europe to the table.

Prior to founding Arion, Cliff was Managing Director at Avenue Capital Group where he successfully established their Iberian business in 2014 and led complex distressed deals across Southern Europe. Before joining Avenue, Cliff Wagner held roles at Cerberus Capital Management and Resolute Asset Management, amongst others.

In addition to his focus on traditional finance, Cliff is also a proponent of the digital economy recognizing the potential of blockchain technology where he is committed to bridging the gap between traditional and digital markets.

Cliff obtained his MBA from the London Business School and B.A. in Business & International Studies at Bristol Business School.

Extensive knowledge of distress market players and their investment strategies thanks to their experience of more than a decade in this field.

Excellence in being able to help potential investors or "divesters" when financially structuring business plans or investment or divestment operations.

Experience as an operational manager in companies and groups of companies subject to restructuring processes.